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Solids Discharging Equipment
BA - Bin Activators
BELLOJET® ZA - Tanker Loading Bellows With Integrated Dust Collector
BELLOJET® ZC - Open Truck Loading Bellows With Integrated Dust Collector
BINSWEEP® - Rotary Bin Dischargers
DLP - Lump Breakers
MINIFILL® ZM - Loading Bellows for IBCs and Drums
MU - Live Bin Bottoms
ZG - Tanker Loading Bellows
ZH - Open Truck Loading Bellows
ZN - Tanker Loading Bellows
ZX - Ship and Stockpile Loading Bellows
BAS - Bin Activators
ZQ - Telescopic Loading Bellows for large capacities
TR - Loading Bellows Positioner
SSC - Shaftless Spiral Conveyors
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Solids Discharging Equipment / ZG Tanker Loading Bellows
Application Photographs
ZG Loading Bellows are used for efficient, dust-controlled loading of dry, dusty bulk solids into tankers. The spouts are provided with inner tapered cones to contain the flow of material and an outer double bellow to provide for dust removal.
At the lower end of the Loading Bellow, a polymer-coated SINT® cone with special sealing properties is provided for connection to the tanker.
ZG Telescopic Loading Bellows are suitable for continuous loading with a maximum flow rate of 250m3/h (147 cfm) of bulk material.
The outlet can be equipped with an anti-spillage device which acts as a dustproof stopper as the Loading Bellow is being raised. The equipment features a manual or an electric winch.
A spigot on the header can be connected on site to an external de-dusting filter.

First the Loading Bellow is lowered from the stand-by position towards the inlet spout of the tanker. As soon as the bellow outlet cone has settled on the inlet spout of the tanker, the slack cable switch mounted outside the transmission box stops lowering of the bellow. The limit switch inside the transmission box stops both full extension and contraction of the bellow. Material loading is started by opening the silo outlet valve.
During the filling of the tanker, the polymer SINT® coating of the outlet cone acts as a perfect dust seal. The slack cable switch activates further extension of the bellow as the tanker lowers under the increasing weight of the material. A level control device installed in the centre of the outlet cone signals maximum material level in the tanker compartment and orders immediate closing of the silo outlet valve. Contraction of the bellow back to stand-by position starts after a delay of approximately ten seconds in order to allow the external filter to evacuate the remaining dust. Once the bellow is fully contracted, the cable limit switch inside the transmission box stops operation.
Performance & Technical Features - Benefits
  • Flexible chute in Neoprene covered by Hypalon® makes the bellow weather-proof, highly abrasion and temperature-resistant and durable
  • Reverse cone with inside level indicator indicates when tanker is full, raises loading bellow gradually and improves material distribution inside the tanker
  • Two lifting cables outside the material flow raise and lower the loading bellow without cable wear due to material friction and obstruction to material flow
Options & Accessories
  • Single or double bellows with optional internal steel cones
  • Bellows manufactured in Neoprene / Hypalon® (optionally food-grade) or Kevlar®
  • Control panel with remote control
  • Available with capacitance level indicator, rotary level indicator or vibrating level indicator
  • Outlet vibrator
  • Anti-spillage device
  • Metallic parts in contact with the material handled in wear-resistant steel
Technical Catalogue
- ZG-ZH Loading Bellows
Technical Manual [ View Details ]
Technical Manual [ View Details ]
- ZG-ZH Loading Bellows
Maintenance Manual [ View Details ]
- ZG-ZH Loading Bellows
Spare Parts Manual [ View Details ]
Complete Manual [ View Details ]
Maintenance Manual
Polski  [ View Details ]
- ZG-ZH Loading Bellows
Maintenance Manual
Polski  [ View Details ]
- ZG-ZH Loading Bellows
Complete Manual
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