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Dust Collectors
DRYBATCH® - Dry-Batch Concrete Plant Dust Collectors
DUSTSHAKE R02 - Polygonal Dust Collectors with Shaker Cleaning
HOPPERJET® - Hopper Venting Filter
HOPPERTOP - Weigh Hopper Venting Filter
RECOFIL® - Pneumatic Conveying System for Automatic Recovery of Dust from Fume Filters
SILOTOP® - Silo Venting Filters
TECU - Fume and Dust Filter
WAMAIR® - Polygonal Dust Collectors
WAMAIR® Vacuum - Insertable Polygonal Dust Collectors for Negative Pressure
WAMFLO® - Flanged Round Dust Collectors
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Dust Collectors / TECU Fume and Dust Filter
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Thanks to decades of experience in air filtration WAM® today is capable to offer a new dedicated equipment for fume and dust filtration from sheet metal processing machines: the TECU. This product is the ideal solution to market needs in terms of quality, maintenance, safety, environmental protection and price.
TECU is a modular filter designed for suction and collection of fumes and dust generated by sheet metal processing machines. The filter consists of a stand-alone unit with dust collecting hopper and integrated fan, a polygonal shaped casing, horizontally inserted filter elements, and a reverse air jet cleaning system.
The dirty air flow enters the filter casing from the top inlet flange or from the spark trap where sparks and heavier particles are pre-separated.
Thanks to negative pressure generated by the fan, the aspirated fumes are forced through the filtering elements which collect the pollutant and let clean air exit into the environment.
Dust drops down into the dust collecting hopper after an automatic reverse air jet cleaning device has removed it from the filter elements.
Thanks to its modular structure, a large variety of configurations is possible in terms of both filter surface area and filter assembly.
TECU can also be supplied as an integrated system for dust recovery including the RECOFIL™ recovery device and the EASYFILL™ bulk bag filling and storage equipment. This package automates dust disposal in a clean and health-protective manner. The system radically reduces maintenance costs versus traditional solutions avoiding any plant downtime and offering a very short pay back.
Performance & Technical Features - Benefits
  • Filter surface from 28 to 444m2
  • Round cartridges 323mm in diameter, 600mm long
  • Spun-bonded antistatic polyester filter media for cutting fumes and grinding applications (type FLG and FLR)
  • Cellulose filter media for welding fume applications (type FLD)
  • Air jet cleaning system with "Full Immersion" solenoid valves incorporated in aluminium air tank
  • Multi-functional electronic control panel with electronic differential pressure meter
  • Integrated centrifugal fan
  • Powder-coated mild steel filter casing
  • Powder-coated mild steel dust collection hopper with bin

  • Reduced running and maintenance costs
  • Zero labour for filter emptying
  • No plant downtime
  • Washable long-life filter cartridges
  • Interchangeable standard filter cartridges
  • Horizontally mounted easy and safe-to-extract filter cartridges
  • Quick hatch openings with captive bolts
  • Easy access to solenoid valves from outside
  • Antistatic B.I.A.-certified filter media
  • Spun-bounded filter media
  • Spark trap for fire prevention
  • Operator not in contact with dust
  • Clean work environment
  • Avoids dust dispersion
Options & Accessories
  • RECOFIL™ + POWERFIL™ + EASYFILL™ = integrated automatic dust recovery system
  • Soundproof cover
  • Complete range of filter cartridges
  • Complete range of filter fans
  • Electronic control panel
  • Differential pressure meter
  • Dust collection hopper with bucket, butterfly valve, rotary valve and various types of flow aids
Technical Catalogue
Technical Manual
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Maintenance Manual
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- TECU Series R01
Maintenance Manual
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Spare Parts Manual
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Brochure No. 063001628
Last Edition: 09/12
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