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Dust Collectors
DRYBATCH® - Dry-Batch Concrete Plant Dust Collectors
HOPPERJET® - Hopper Venting Filter
WAMAIR® - Polygonal Dust Collectors
WAMAIR® Vacuum - Insertable Polygonal Dust Collectors for Negative Pressure
WAMFLO® - Flanged Round Dust Collectors
HOPPERTOP - Weigh Hopper Venting Filter
RECOFIL® - Pneumatic Conveying System for Automatic Recovery of Dust from Fume Filters
TECU - Fume and Dust Filter
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/ SILOTOP Silo Venting Filters
With tens of thousands of units working worldwide, since first going into production back in 1998, SILOTOP® has become the world¿s favourite solution for bin or silo venting.
SILOTOP® is a cylindrically shaped dust collector for venting of pneumatically filled silos. The stainless steel body contains vertically mounted, POLYPLEAT® filter elements. The air jet cleaning system is integrated in the hinged weather protection cover.
Dust separated from the air flow by special POLYPLEAT® filter elements drops back into the silo after an integrated automatic reverse air jet cleaning system inside the weather protection cover has removed it from the filter elements.
Performance & Technical Features - Benefits
  • Compact 800mm (30 in) diameter 304 stainless steel body with bottom flange
    24.5m2 (264 sq ft) filter surface
  • Maintenance height = 1,145mm (3.75 ft)
  • High filtration efficiency due to POLYPLEAT® filtering elements
  • Low dust emission level due to B.I.A.-certified filter media
  • Maintenance-free air jet cleaning unit integrated inside weather protection cover
  • High cleaning efficiency due to "Full-Immersion" solenoid valves incorporated in corrosion-resistant aluminium air tank for minimum maintenance operation
  • Safe 304 stainless steel weather protection cover with lockable snap hook
  • No tools required for filtering element removal

  • Weatherproof finish
  • Robust design
  • Perfectly accessible due to compact design
  • Complete replacement of filter media by only one person within a few minutes
  • Standard fitting of condensation release valve on air reservoir
  • Reduced flow resistance and prevention of rust due to special 304 stainless steel air distributors
Options & Accessories
  • Weld-on bottom ring
  • Multifunctional electronic differential pressure meter
  • Winter protection for solenoid valves
Technical Catalogue
Technical Manual [ View Details ]
Technical Manual
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Maintenance Manual
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- SILOTOP® R03 Series
Maintenance Manual
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Spare Parts Manual
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Brochure No. WAM.035.05.US
Last Edition: 09/12
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